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You lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym. Our weight loss plans can be coupled with anyone of our monthly body contouring memberships plans to help you look better & feel great!

Lose weight in the kitchen young man preparing healthy meal

Introducing Fat-Melting Technology

Monthly membership plans available to maintain your weight loss goals.

Melt Away Your Fat Without Strenuous Dieting or Exercising. The Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction. Using the most powerful, revolutionary, and non-invasive slimming technology to deliver immediate results.

Body Contouring Monthly Membership Packages



Diamond Membership 

  • 8 Body Contouring Sessions a month

  • 2 visits every week (8 monthly)

    • 2 full body contouring sessions

    • 2 whole body vibration therapy

    • ​unlimited access to the infrared sauna  


Platinum Membership 

  • 4 Body Contouring Sessions a month

  • 1 visit every week (4 monthly) 

    • 1 full body contouring session

    • 1 whole body vibration therapy

    • 4 infrared sauna session a mos (once weekly)

Lose weight stay healthy


Gold Membership 

  • 2 Body Contouring Sessions a month 

  • 1 visit every other week (twice monthly)

    • 1 full body contouring session

    • 1 whole body vibration therapy

    • 2  ​infrared sauna sessions a mos (twice monthly)


Bronze Membership 

  • 4- B12 Shots 

  • 4 - Lipo-fat Burning shots

  • Appetite Suppressants

  • Semaglutide & Phentermine Available with qualifications***

    • Initial Visit with medical provider and labs required for this option.

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